Today was a really sad day for me and it brought back a lot of suicidal thoughts and urges and I hope it goes away soon. 

Too anxious 4 life

"I do not need someone to complete me
but if you wanted to
we could walk next to each other
into whatever is coming next."

Pet peeves?

uhh people trying to talk to me if I am wearing headphones or reading, girls who brag about how often they get hit on, people who obsess over their physical appearance and vocalize it, teachers who teach their viewpoints instead of facts, when people send you more text messages when you haven’t responded to any of the first ones, actually just when people send a lot of long text messages in general cause usually if someone does that it’s cause they’re freaking out and I don’t want to deal with it,  people who are always negative or talking about their emotions,

Idk honestly I’ve dealt with so many people in the past few years who were emotional wrecks and I’m always that friend that everyone wants to vent to and it’s so exhausting and draining and triggering and now I just try to hangout with people and talk to people who keep things lighthearted and fun instead of people who constantly want to vent to me about something. Obviously I’ll listen to my friends when they are upset but for the most part if I feel like someone is too much for me to deal with I’ll distance myself. It’s selfish but running my life this way has made me unspeakably happier and healthier.